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This particular page alone is all about what services we are in the process of building in the Beautiful Friendly Island of Tonga. 

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What's in Tonga for LVRA

Services to be offer


In Tonga we will be offering Netball and Rugby off the bat. 

Announce coming events


In the State of Nevada in the exciting city of Las Vegas we look forward to our first year independently running rugby, our very own Rugby League with our online course to go along with it. It's for all level and all ages. A Flag League, A Touch League and a Contact League. It will be 7s style, the thought with this League; it's easy to learn, constructively an opportunity to really understand the sport. The end Goal is to bread some Olympic players, Leaders of the world in whatever they do, The desire to learn, to be cultural aware and so much more.

Also, we will have coaching courses and referee courses. All courses online for everything will be a different fee from the registration fee to play with and for LVRA. It will be so exciting when it gets going, stick around you don't want to miss out! 

Real testimonials


If LVRA helped better your life drop us an email to and we will post it on our media to share with others like you that may be looking for an opportunity a place to belong. Be a testament! 

Promote current deals


Current Deal we look forward to confirming is landing a piece of land in the Beautiful Island of Tonga to build our LVRA school on for the Tongan youth.

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Aside from the over restructure of LVRA. The extension to the beautiful Island of Tonga is a giant step in accomplishing our over all goal for LVRA. We look forward to working with the Tongan community and hope to help better the economy by being there offering our services and having the Tongan people participate in it. We will start off with a age appropriate rugby team locally and a elite traveling team to compete internationally. 

That's what we have as far as rugby, but we look forward also to building netball as well in Tonga with the help of the Tongan People. The Goal like in the USA is to help better the people of Tonga through physical active and getting them to share their culture through dance and art. The biggest goal for Tonga is to build a school for what age group we have not locked that down yet. When the school is up, we are predicting in about 2 years we will have the school up and running. As we always say in LVRA, sky is the limit! 

Display their FAQs


Where do I sign up my child to play rugby in Las Vegas, NV?

A: On the page title Rugby.

What age and level do you have?

A: For rugby in Las Vegas, NV All ages and all levels.

Why do you have Flag, Touch and Contact? And why only 7s?

A: First good question, Flag is an easy way for beginners to learn and play the sport without worrying so much about being hurt. Touch is great for those looking to step up to the next level of rugby making it easier to learn the sport. And of course Contact is the end result to perfecting the sport as a player to reach elite level competition. 

Do you have to start with Flag first, technically no you don't. If you have never played rugby but you have played football, you will be probably be in the contact league if you sign up to that as your choice. But we will give you a test to see where we think you should start at and you will go from there.


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